Morro & Jasp Do Puberty

Tonight is your last night to see Morro & Jasp Do Puberty at the Highland Arts Theatre in Sydney, Nova Scotia, so don’t miss out!

I went to this play with some trepidation; and somewhat doubting I was up for the task of reviewing it, being at heart a prudish (I know that will surprise some of you!) adult that is not altogether fond of clowns nor audience interaction. In fact you may think I am the exactly worst person to review this production, but that is where you would be WRONG. Life is filled with cranky people like me, and where do they go for cranky extroverted-introvert voices like mine? (Asking the important questions). morrojasp-poster

My delightful companion for the evening recoiled in horror a bit as we exchanged some pleasant chit-chat before the show. “Wait, you’re not afraid of clowns?” they said. When I assured them I wasn’t, just filled with apprehension, they were pleasantly surprised to find they weren’t going to have to find a paper bag for me to breathe into during the show.

Almost immediately my fears were put to rest as I was won over by the characters of Jasp & Morro. Their depiction of a complex innocence where they play on the knowledge an adult has while embodying girls in their teens is quite tongue-in-cheek at times but they never overplay it. Their portrayal of that intricate interplay between sisters was also very well done. I won’t elaborate on the themes and scenes within the play, because I think they are better left as a surprise. I will say some of my favorite scenes involved Jasp simply writing in her diary. Amazingly, they managed to capture a lot of themes and experiences in one evening.

As an adult women, the show was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me. But the show enjoyed a large audience that thoroughly enjoyed the production. Ranging in age from 13-93 (I’m guessing!) and including men and women, we laughed heartily throughout the evening. Many of the people in my section were attending with a partner, and several conversations I had throughout the week indicated that people were there because a friend saw the show and told them THEY HAD TO GO. The theatre was certainly full the night I was there.

It’s wonderful to see women making a living for themselves in comedy, in Canada no less, because it is HARD. These are two clearly very talented and hardworking performers, with several shows having been nominated for awards: they have also written a cookbook and are working on a game and a graphic novel.

Finally, it’s great to see our community come out in droves for a play like this, showing how the Colfords definitely have their finger on the pulse of the community, and know what we need and want… even when we don’t.

Don’t miss out on Morro & Jasp Do Puberty!

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